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I'm not in-network with your insurance, but not all is lost!

There are many advantages to seeing an out-of-network (OON) therapist, and, depending on your insurance, you could actually save money!

Why would I see an OON therapist? Find out below!

Rates & discounts.

The average cost of therapy in Virginia is

$111 - $180 per hour.

Offering affordable therapy is very important to me. So, my rates are amongst the lowest around - and with discounts, therapy at The Mind Garden is even more affordable!

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"Trust the next chapter, because you are the author."

Many of us assume that it'd be easier and less expensive to see an in-network therapist — I mean, that’s why we have insurance, right? But that’s not always the case! Oftentimes, it’s actually more beneficial to see an out-of-network (OON) therapist. 

Reasons to see an OON therapist.

Out-of-network therapists.

In-network therapists.

Free to decide what’s best for you – not your insurance company

Often provide longer & more frequent sessions

Tend to have more availability & flexibility in their schedules

Between-session communication via email, text, & portal messaging is often encouraged

Tend to have openings for new clients that are usually only days away

Can continue seeing you even if your insurance changes - you won’t have to start over with a new therapist

Limited in how they can provide services to you due to restrictions set by insurance

Cannot offer longer sessions or more than one session per week due to insurance restrictions

Are often overburdened with full caseloads & unbearably long waitlists

Often discourage communication outside of sessions due to their busy caseloads

Tend to be booked up weeks or even months in advance for new clients

May have to discontinue treatment if your insurance changes, meaning that you’ll have to find a new therapist & start over anew

Flower Wreath

"Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being you."

What if i'm still not sure?

Being in therapy means that you are investing in your healing by "buying" a reserved time slot with someone who has the training and experience to help you improve your quality of life and overall well-being.

If you still aren't sure whether therapy is worth the money, but you're open to trying it, consider giving yourself about 3 months to experiment. If, during that time, you don't notice any positive changes in your thoughts or behaviors, learn more about yourself, or feel marginally lighter after each session, talk with your therapist about other options that may better suit you.

Remember that you are the decision-maker in your life - you can choose to stop therapy at any time!

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