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Experience therapy differently.

The Mind Garden is a boutique-style private practice offering online teletherapy to adults in Virginia and, by embracing a quality-over-quantity approach, accessing therapy is more accommodating and less structured than what you'll find with traditional therapists.

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Perks @ the mind garden.

Embark on a one-of-a-kind, tailor-made adventure!

Benefit from a personalized, VIP experience with more support and attention than traditional therapy practices.

Flexible time slots, for the win!

Scheduling at The Mind Garden is designed to give you the most accommodating options possible.

Book today, see me tomorrow!

Need support in a jiffy? No problem! Next-day appointments to the rescue!

Give your canceled session a second chance!

Canceling an appointment shouldn’t mean that you have to wait for therapy - make-up sessions are available daily!

Running late? No worries, I’ve got you!

Sometimes we run late because... ...well, reasons. But, at The Mind Garden, if you arrive late, keep your full session time!

Forgot the deets from our sesh? No problem!

You’ll get a mini-recap after each session, wrapping up all the topics and discussions we covered!

"Ignore the rain,  look for the rainbow."

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