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Jenn Parker, M.S., Resident in Counseling, Owner

Jenn Parker   |   Resident in Counseling   |   Owner of The Mind Garden

My background.

When I started my educational training in 2017, I studied a wide range of counseling principles, and quickly found myself being drawn to the intricate nuances of self-worth. As I gained more experience working with a diverse clientele during practicum and internship, I honed my skills in self-worth even further.

My approach.

I like to keep everything light and simple, so when I interact with clients it's relatively informal - I find that people tend to thrive better when things are a bit more relaxed! By embracing authenticity, compassion, and humor, my clients and I are able to develop a genuine therapeutic partnership that encourages mutual collaboration.

Spring (36).png

"You're always with yourself, you might as well enjoy the company."

Fun facts about me.

My sanctuary of happiness?

Mountains, trees, & nature!

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